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Cold Warehouse (Atmosphere Control)


Control systems of the atmosphere
Air Chillers
Industrial cooling facilities
Cold storage for fruits and vegetables
Fields for skating
Indoor snow slopes
Industrial air conditioning and ventilation
Storing and ripening bananas facilities
Citrus ripening facilities
Refrigeration facilities with atmospheric control
The snow room
Testing rooms
Freezing rooms
Process Cooling
Meat and meat products
Milk and dairy products
Cold Store of classical type
Central system cooling devices
Shock frosters
Air condensates
Industrial condensates
Ice machines
Panel-type prefabricated cold house
Baudelot cooler and ice and cold water manufacture, sheet like
Birds and processing products
+5  +10 Cooling rooms and cooling devices
0,-5  Cold houses and cooling devices
0.-20 Freezing houses and devices
Panary fermentation rooms
Ice stations
Water-cooled devices
Coolers of ice water tankers
Cooling towers
Air-cooled steam condensers
Air-cooled heat exchangers
Room coolers
Standard room coolers
Ceiling type room coolers
Room coolers with double blowing
Ammonia evaporators
Glycol / air water coolers
General condensers
Dry Wet and Dry Coolers
The doors of refrigeration chambers
Curtains of PVC cold rooms
Installation of milk cooling
Ammonia compressors
Shelving systems