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About Us

Provides services on technological modernization, manufacture, project design, analysis, installation, maintenance, and service.
Company manufactures all types of air conditioners, boilers, facilities of ventilation, heating, cooling and cold stores.
Performs installation of heat pumps,
production of relevant materials, measuring and control devices and components, sell, import and export of engines, motor pumps, electric pumps, centrifugal pumps, transport vehicles, tractors and equipment, electrical materials, cables, compressors, generators, power supplies, various tools, vehicles, spare parts and accessories.
Also, company's activities include construction and contract works, official and private construction works.
Prepares turnkey greenhouse projects.

Constructs chicken slaughterhouse facilities.

The company is engaged in gardening, drop watering systems, configuration, installation of nets for the protection of apples, and cold houses. In addition, our company provides services in designing and presenting a turnkey orchards.

Stable, successful company with highly professional team and reliable partner with a vast experience in apple gardening.

Our aim is to present at Your service products of higher quality and technology.

For the best facılıty safety, receipt of fast answer when services needed choose TERMODINAMIK ENDUSTRIYEL SOGUTMA as a service provider which is guided by trust policy and is always close to You!